· The main coaching centre of Enrico Piperno Tennis Trust is located at Ordnance Club, Hastings, Kolkata
· This centre is open to children of Armed Forces, Members’ and Non- Members’ 
· It is the only club in Kolkata which allows Non-Members’ children 
· This centre has three Floodlit Clay courts (French Open type)
· The Club authorities and the Trust have taken painstaking efforts to ensure that the courts are kept in an impeccable manner 
· The coaching programmes are conceptualised and headed by Mr. Sayandev Chakraborty with the invaluable guidance  of Mr. Enrico Piperno
· The programmes are supervised by highly qualified coaches
· The Enrico Piperno Tennis Trust imparts tennis coaching to a vast number of children so the Beginner and Intermediate programmes are conducted from 5.30p.m.-6.30p.m.
· These timings are tailor-made for school children so that they do not have to compromise on either
· The programme consists of three levels


Level One- Junior/ Intermediate Programme:

This is an introductory programme focussing on the hand eye co-ordination through fun filled games and activities. The Intermediate children learn the basic strokes of tennis and rules of tennis are introduced to them.
Duration: 1 hour 3 days a week
Timings: Monday/ Tuesday/ Thursday – 5.30p.m.-6.30p.m. or 6.30p.m.- 7.30p.m.
Wednesday/ Friday/ Saturday - 5.30p.m.-6.30p.m. or 6.30p.m.- 7.30p.m.

Level Two- Semi-Advanced Programme:

Players from Level One who want to pursue tennis further are inducted in the Semi-Advance Programme. In this level they are introduced to advance stroke play, physical fitness, match play, mental and tactical development. They are encouraged to play State level and the Talent series (introductory series) of the AITA tournaments.
Duration: 2 hours 4 days a week Timings: Monday – Saturday – 5.30p.m.-6.30p.m.


Level Three – Advanced & Elite Programme :

The Advanced programme is for players who have mastered the skills and need to move up to playing higher level
matches.They play the Intermediate Series of the AITA tournaments.They are being groomed to play the higher levels of National and International tournaments.
Duration: 3 hours 4 days a week. Timings: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 2.30p.m. Saturday & Sunday – 9.00a.m- 12.00 noon.

The Elite programme is for players who are ready to compete at a higher level of National and International tournaments. These players ultimately graduate to professional tennis.
Duration: 3.5 hours 6 days a week. Timings: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 2.00p.m. Saturday & Sunday – 9.00a.m- 12.30 p.m.

Rates and charges for different programmes are available at our office at Ordnance Club, Hastings, Kolkata